Taking Care of Motorcycle Batteries

Motorcycle Battery Maintenance

3 Points of Battery Maintenance

There’s a lot more you can know about the three points of maintaining your motorcycle battery, but if just want the real essence of it all, here you go:

1) Keep the individual cells in your battery filled to the indicated electrolyte levels with distilled water. This kind of maintenance is done throughout the riding year. The more you ride, the more frequently it should be checked.

2) Remove your battery from the bike and store it on a wooden, plastic or other non-conducive surface, in a location that does not get below 32 degrees. This would be a long-term maintenance item, such as for winter storage. However, if for some reason you know you won’t be riding the bike for quite a while (for example, if you’re in the service and won’t see your bike for some time), this would be for ANY long-term storage.

3) Finally, connect up your battery to a motorcycle battery charger, to keep it at an optimum level of charge. This would be part of winter maintenance, but, could be used during the riding months, even while the battery is installed on the motorcycle, when the bike is not used regularly.

The benefit of good battery maintenance is not only saving money by not replacing your battery before it’s 3-5 year life expectancy, but it can keep your battery from failing you on when you are out on a ride….


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    Super-Duper site! I am enjoying it!! Will come back once again – taking you feeds also, cheers.

  2. Joe McHale Says:

    I use a battery trickle charger to keep my battery in top shape.

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