Motorcycle Sport-Touring Comparison

Sport Touring MotorcyclesAt the end of 2008, the boys over at did a great job reviewing many of the bikes that this website features.

Here are a few differences:

♦ They reviewed both versions of the Yamaha FJR 1300: With and without the electric shifting.  (FJR 1300 “AE” is the electric shifting model).

♦ They reviewed the BMW K 1200 GT, which has been replaced by the BMW K 1300 GT for 2009

♦ They did not review the BMW R 1200 RT (they were interested in the higher-performance sport tourers for their comparison)

♦ And of course they didn’t test the older Kawasaki Concours (ZG1000) which isn’t made anymore, but which this website still includes in its comparison of “purpose-built,” sport-touring bikes, because there are still so many of them in the re-sale market

The link below goes to the original article and is definitely valuable reading for anyone comparing the major sport-touring motorcycles.

Their crew of riders rated the FJR 1300 as their best bike in the group, although by their rating system, you can see it was a close comparison between ALL the bikes.

Here are the rankings of their test:

  1. Yamaha FJR 1300
  2. Kawasaki Concours 14
  3. BMW K 1200 GT
  4. Honda ST 1300

Another great thing about their review is that they include their own horsepower tests and weight measurements so their numbers are independent of the manufacturers, which makes for a better comparison.

Check out their full review on the following link:

Purpose-Built, Sport-Touring Comparison

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  1. Dave Says:

    The Truimph Tiger should have been included.

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