BMW R 1200 RT

The Classic Sport Touring Motorcycle.

For MANY years, long-distance riders have elected the BMW RT series (with a number of different engine sizes) as THE bike to compare every new, “purpose-built,” sport-touring motorcycle against. The latest offering, the “R 1200 RT,” now has optional Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA), providing the rider with push-button suspension-tuning for a variety of roads, loads and riding intentions. And of course, BMW is famous for its full line of optional accessories, such as heated grips, heated seats, premium sound system, and cruise control. The RT series is the granddaddy of all the purpose-built, sport-touring motorcycles, in terms of longevity (dating back to the 1970’s), and better than that, The R 1200 RT is also the lightest of each of the current purpose-built sport tourers.